Blair Rowan

Theater Bandits


A bumper commissioned by Janus Films and Art House Theater Day for the 35th anniversary re-release of Time Bandits.

Directed by Blair Rowan
Concept/Script by Blair Rowan, Barak Epstein, Chris Gardner, Susie Angeles
Produced by Barak Epstein
Executive Producers - Barak Epstein
Cinematography/ Color Grading - HutcH
Assistant Director - Kelly Snowden
Location Sound - Frankie Richards
Costume Design - Jesse Thaxon
Art Direction - Susie Angeles
Editorial + Visual FX - Blair Rowan
Additional Visual FX - Jason Vigue, Michael Sands
Post Audio Mix - Gordon Gibson

Drew Vin Varrick - Theater Bandit #1
JayMac - Theater Bandit #2
Mike Bailey - Theater Bandit #3
Aurora Haubrich - The Girl
Bryan Campbell - Evil
Chris Gardner/ Susie Angeles - Couple through time
Ryan Culbert - The Giant
Barak Epstein, J Norris - Projectionists

Eddie Zanetti - Talk Show Host
Mary Katherine McElroy, Don Morrison , Stephanie DuBois - Evil Minions
Zoey PeeWee Pickles - The Dog
Thanks to the Majestic Theater, Alamo Drafthouse Dallas, Art House Convergence, Shag Carpet Props, Republic Editorial & Janus Films

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