Blair Rowan

The Bad — Episode 1


1st episode of the 7 episode comedy webseries, The Bad.

Episode synopsis: The band attempt to put the finishing touches on their epically awful music video, with uncomfortable results.

Series synopsis: The Bad is a serialized comedic web-series following the futile pursuits of the world's most unsuccessful garage band, a trio of painfully oblivious dudes in their early 30s, and the typical hurdles any rock band has to overcome while fighting their way through obscurity, such as their terrifying, knife-wielding, junkie drummer, and the neighborhood teenagers that won't stop spray painting dicks on their house.

Directed by Blair Rowan
Written & Produced by Chris Gardner and Blair Rowan
Consulting Producer - Farah White
Camera / Editing / Post FX - Blair Rowan
Costume Designer - Katie Lance
Post-Audio Mix - Ben Templeton
Audio / Grip / Gaffer / Head PA - Andrew Bragdon
Grip - Jeff Ayala
Songs Written by Chris Gardner
Music Written & Performed by Chris Gardner and Paul Nichols

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